8 Things You’ll Love About Gaston’s Tavern At Walt Disney World

We all know how hard it is to snag a reservation at Be Our Guest. Thankfully, not far away, there’s a quick service option that offers delicious snacks and drinks, and a ton of themed fun for Beauty and the Beast fans! Here are 8 things we’re sure you’ll love about Gaston’s Tavern in the Magic Kingdom.


8. He Uses Antlers in all of His Decorating

Move over, Belle and Beast! There’s no doubt that this tavern is all about Gaston. From the massive portrait of the loveable villain over the fireplace, to the numerous trophies proudly displayed around the tavern, every inch of the place has been Gaston-ified. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s worth wandering around the tavern to soak in all the details. Check out the score on the dartboard (predictably, LeFou is losing badly to Gaston), and don’t forget to look up. After all, what would Gaston’s Tavern be without a huge chandelier made of – you guessed it – antlers?

7. LeFou’s Brew

He may be overshadowed by Gaston in the movie, but here in Gaston’s Tavern, LeFou finally gets a chance to shine! There’s a unique concoction called “LeFou’s Brew” served only here, and it’s deliciously sweet. It’s non-alcoholic, and it consists of frozen apple juice (with some toasted marshmallow flavoring added for good measure), topped with a yummy – and fun to drink – tropical fruit-flavored foam. You can also purchase a souvenir goblet (featuring Belle) or stein (featuring Gaston) to commemorate your trip to Gaston’s Tavern.

6. Movie Magic

The theming of Gaston’s Tavern is pure Disney movie magic! If you look closely at the artwork in the tavern, you’ll notice it looks familiar – that’s because the scenes depicted on the walls are recreations of actual scenes in the animated film! See if you can spot them all, and name the corresponding movie scenes. The Imagineers were careful to also make the exterior of Gaston’s Tavern look just like its film counterpart, so you’ll feel just like you’ve wandered into Belle’s “poor provincial town”.


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5. Ten Points for Gaston

One of the biggest draws of Gaston’s Tavern is, unsurprisingly, Gaston himself. Gaston appears daily outside of his tavern to interact with guests, sign autographs and pose for photos (you may even be able to convince him to pose with his statue). He’s fond of comparing biceps and arm-wrestling with guests, and will regale you with tales starring – well, himself, of course! Gaston is never more at home than when he’s surrounded by adoring fans! So don’t miss the opportunity to find out why Gaston is “everyone’s favorite guy”.

4. No One Poses Like Gaston (But You Should Try Anyway)

You can’t miss the big bronze statue of Gaston flexing his muscles (while he steps on LeFou) – it’s just outside Gaston’s Tavern, and it sums both characters up pretty perfectly! This is a hot spot for photo opportunities. When else will you get to pose with Gaston and LeFou, and show off those biceps? While you’re there, go to the back of the statue and look for the tiny Hidden Mickey in the base near the water, below Gaston’s left leg. Fun fact: the statue and fountain are beautifully lit at night, so it’s worth checking out again in the dark!

3. Tavern Throne

Another favorite photo spot in Gaston’s Tavern is Gaston’s chair. The huge, rustic, “animal skin”-covered chair is instantly recognizable from the animated film, thanks to the faithful creative efforts of Disney Imagineers. Children and adults alike love to pose here, doing their best imitation of this beloved villain. Try posing while raising a souvenir mug to Gaston, or flexing some muscles, or even just sprawling Gaston-like over the chair.

2. Cinnamon Rolls

When planning your meals for your day at the Magic Kingdom, you may want to save room for the huge cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s Tavern. For anyone missing the cinnamon rolls that used to be offered at the Main Street Bakery, this is the closest you’ll get in the Magic Kingdom. Full of cinnamon and yummy maple, it’s a big enough serving to share (if you want to, that is!). Insider tip: ask for extra icing – believe me, you’ll be glad you did!

1. Village Gifts

Ok, so it’s not technically part of Gaston’s Tavern, but it is right next door! Village Gifts is a must-see shop when visiting Gaston. You’ll find a variety of items to please every Beauty and the Beast fan, and much of it isn’t available anywhere else in the park. So whether you’re searching for pillows embroidered with Beauty and the Beast song lyrics, stunning glass and dinnerware featuring your favorite characters, a Beast plush toy, or maybe some castle gargoyle souvenirs, this is the place to be!

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