8 Things You Will Love About Takumi-Tei Restaurant at Walt Disney World

Epcot is by far a favorite location for guests to experience while in Walt Disney World thanks to its incredible combination of attractions, entertainment, and more. Epcot is also the home of some of the most popular dining experiences in all of Walt Disney World including a brand new full service location in the Japan Pavilion. Takumi-Tei Restaurant opened in the summer of 2019 and features a unique theme that celebrates the five natural elements- water, wood, earth, stone, and washi paper. Meaning “house of the artisan,” Takumi-Tei Restaurant serves up Japanese-style cuisine for dinner each night that is as visually stunning as it is delicious. With beautiful surroundings and an inventive menu, guests are sure to love dining at Takumi-Tei Restaurant for years to come!


1. The Environment

Guests who dine at Takumi-Tei Restaurant will be seated in one of five rooms, each as amazingly themed as the last. Each room celebrates one of the five natural elements mentioned above with special artwork, items, and décor bringing the theme to life. In addition to the five natural elements, hints of nature are all around inside of the restaurant including wooden accents, natural materials, and more. No matter what room a guest is seated in, they are sure to enjoy excellent service beginning with a beautifully folded napkin, chopsticks, and menu!

2. Chef’s Table in the Water Room

While all of the dining areas in Takumi-Tei Restaurant are beautiful, one is more special than the rest. The Water Room is home to the exclusive Chef’s Table where guests can enjoy specialty items from a custom menu while interacting with the chef behind it all. Featuring an intimate setting, the highlight of the Water Room is a rock feature with gently flowing water, perfectly representing the balance between nature and Japanese art.

3. Appetizers

While the atmosphere and décor of Takumi-Tei Restaurant is beautiful, it is the decadent and delicious menu that is what will keep guests coming back time and time again. Each meal can begin with one of several amazing appetizers which immediately immerse guests in the favors and culinary style of Japanese cooking. Guests can opt for the Miso, Dashi, Teien – Garden, Agedashi Tofu, or Hama no Kani – Crab on the Beach, all of which are delicious. Another amazing appetizer option is the Nikomi Wagyu – Braised Wagyu which is served with roasted bone marrow, yuzo kosho, wasabi shiso, and bayaroise warishita.

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4. Entrees

After the appetizers, guests can indulge in the main course which features amazing culinary combinations presented as works of art. The Tempura Ebi – Tempura Tiger Prawns are served with crisped silken tofu, green tea-smoked black rice, caramelized togarashi cream, sea beans, and shimeji-mushroom and the Takumi Gyuniku – Artisan Beef features a Japanese A-5 wagyu tenderloin, leeksauce, warishita, shortrib gyoza, roast cippolini onions, curried potato, and seasonal mushroom making both options unforgettable. Guests can also order the Ushikai no Shukaku – Cattlemans Harvest, Makiba no Megumi – Gift of Ranch, Misoyaki Ochazuke, or Kamo Rosu – Roasted Duck as their main course.

5. Fresh Sushi

While the main course options are wonderful, Takumi-Tei Restaurant also features an amazing array of fresh sushi and oceanic delicacies which are very popular with guests. Guests can opt for the Mozaiku which features tuna, yellowtail, asparagus, tobiko, red shiso rice, and lemon grass ponzu, the Takumi Sashimi which features tuna, toro, salmon, yellowtail, uni, and ikura, or opt to order a la carte with two pieces of sushi per order.

6. Tasting Menu

In addition to ordering off the main menu at Takumi-Tei Restaurant, guests can also indulge in a special tasting menu that offers the option of indulging in many different delicacies from the menu. The tasting menu features Otoshi, Temari Sushi, Nikomi Wagyu – Braised Wagyu, Hashiyasume, Wagyu Pairing, and Suiren Dani – Water Lilly Valley. A highlight of the tasting menu at Takumi-Tei Restaurant is the Tea Ceremony which features a traditional preparation of Matcha Green Tea done right in front of guests to make them part of the experience.

7. Dessert

No meal in Walt Disney World is complete without indulging in dessert, and the options at Takumi-Tei Restaurant are absolutely amazing! The Kumo – Cloud Cake features a yuzu cheesecake with spiced kabocha, candied yuzu gel, and blackberry sake and the Suiren Dani – Water Lilly Valley features a Japanese water cake with rose, kuromitsu, and kinako crumb. Each dessert is beautifully presented, making the choice between the two extremely difficult for guests!

8. Specialty Drinks

Takumi-Tei Restaurant features a typical beverage menu of sodas, soft drinks, and coffee in addition to wines, Japanese beers, and some delicious specialty cocktails. Guests who are looking to indulge in a cocktail while dining can enjoy the Kochi which combines Joto Yuzu Citrcus Sake, rum, fresh mint, yuzu juice, and orange, the Kami which features Roku Gin, Sayuri “White Lilly” Nigori Sake, calipco, and lychee, or the Sakurajima which combines Kaiyo Japanese Whiskey Sour with smoked Cherrywood. Guests can also order the Unaki or Raiju specialty cocktails, both of which are the perfect addition to any meal at Takumi-Tei Restaurant.

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