7 Most Beautiful Sights At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Guests who enjoy a Walt Disney World vacation love to spend time in the four theme parks enjoying unique experiences and attractions. Of the four theme parks, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the newest and largest, making it a favorite of many guests. The park celebrates the beauty and diversity of the environment and aims to teach guests about the importance of conservation and preservation in fun and entertaining ways. Guests who spend time in Disney’s Animal Kingdom can enjoy beautifully themed lands filled with amazing details and architecture that make guests fee as though they have traveled across the world and through time. Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers experiences like escaping the clutches of a Yeti, traveling back to the time of the dinosaurs, singing along with characters from The Lion King, and embarking on an African safari. With so many wonderful things to enjoy, there are certain places and experiences in the park which are so beautiful that they can’t be missed. Here are the seven most beautiful sights at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

7. Kilimanjaro Safari’s View

Also found in the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the park’s most popular attractions. Kilimanjaro Safaris invites guests to embark on a two week safari inside the Harambe Reserve. Guests who enjoy the experience can get up close with animals like giraffes, cheetahs, lions, elephants, and zebras while traveling in an authentic safari vehicle. About halfway through the experience, guests enter into the savannah portion of the Harambe Reserve and are offered a sweeping view complete with beautiful animals and lush greenery.

6. Gorilla Sanctuary

Found near the exit of Kilimanjaro Safaris is the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, a self-guided walking tour which can sometimes be overlooked by guests. The trail offers a quiet and off the beaten path experience filled with beautiful animals, greenery, and details. While the entire Pangani Forest Exploration Trail is wonderful to enjoy, the most beautiful sight comes at the end where guests enter into the habitat of many gorillas. With sweeping green hills, gently flowing waterfalls, and plenty of lush plant life, guests will love to spend time observing the gorillas and taking in their beautiful home.

5. Expedition Everest’s View

One of the most daring attractions in Disney’s Animal Kingdom can be found in the Asia section of the park. Expedition Everest begins as a serene tea train tour in the foothills of the mountains but soon turns dangerous as guests find themselves deep inside the Forbidden Mountain scrambling to escape the clutches of the Yeti. Before entering into the mountain, guests onboard the attraction head up a steep lift hill which offers panoramic views of the entire Walt Disney World Resort. Guests can spot Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, and Disney Springs making for a beautiful view to enjoy during Expedition Everest.

4. Flame Tree Barbecue’s View

Guests who find themselves hungry in Disney’s Animal Kingdom should be sure to stop by Flame Tree Barbecue for a quick service meal which is totally delicious. The location is open daily for lunch and dinner and serves up traditional barbecue style meals and favorites like Turkey Legs at convenient ordering counters. Once guests have their meals, they can enjoy a beautiful view from an open air patio which looks across the water at Expedition Everest in the distance.

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3. Tiger Habitat

In addition to the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, there is a second self-guided walking tour in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Asia section of the park. The Maharajah Jungle Trek allows guests to enjoy the beauty of the Anandapur Royal Forest complete with animals, plant life, and birds. One of the most beautiful portions of the trail that guests love to spend time enjoying is the habitat that is home to the Asian Tigers. This area is detailed to look like lush temple ruins complete with beautiful artwork, architecture, and fountains. Guests who take their time exploring the Maharajah Jungle Trek are sure to love the beautiful view of the tigers!

2. Harambe Village

After passing through Discovery Island, many guests who visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom head straight for the Africa section of the park which is home to the fictional village of Harambe. Guests will know that they have arrived in the village by passing through a massive set of carved doors which announce the crossover into Africa. Just past the doors is a bridge which offers a beautiful view of part of Harambe across a small body of water. With beautiful architecture and props made to feel like a real village, guests will love taking in this quiet and gorgeous view before enjoying more in the park.

1. The Tree Of Life

When many guests think of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, they automatically think of the beautiful Tree of Life which serves as the park’s focal point. The Tree of Life towers over the surrounding area and is covered with thousands of vibrant green leaves and hundreds of beautifully carved animals on the trunk. While there are plenty of wonderful views of the Tree of Life from throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom, one of the most beautiful and impressive ones can be found after emerging from The Oasis onto the bridge which leads to Discovery Island. The view from the bridge features the first true glimpse of the Tree of Life and is sure to leave a lasting impression upon guests.

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