6 Things Disney Pros Always Do at the Magic Kingdom

It can take multiple visits to become a ‘pro’ at Disney, especially when it comes to the Magic Kingdom. There are so many attractions to ride, places to dine, and characters to meet that it can be overwhelming and difficult to experience it all, even in your first few visits. With each visit you get closer to becoming a pro at tackling Magic Kingdom which means you can maximize your Disney experience and do all the things you love to do with time to spare! Here is our list of 6 things that Disney pros always do at Magic Kingdom.

6. Main Street Shops

All the shops along Main Street are connected, which means you can walk the length of Main Street through the stores. This is a great way to travel down Main Street when the street itself is congested at the end of the night. The shops can be easier to maneuver through than the street, and it’s fun to browse and shop along the way.

5. FastPass+ Reservations

Having FastPass+ reservations are a must for any park, but Disney pros know which Fastpasses are good choices at Magic Kingdom and which attractions you can experience without needing a FastPass. Disney pros know that Peter Pan’s Flight is a great use of a FastPass+ reservation. This classic attraction always has a long line that can be very difficult for little ones to wait in. Peter Pan’s Flight does have a spectacular interactive queue, but a 60-minute plus wait can get very long and boring. The Jungle Cruise is another classic ride that can have a lengthy wait, and so can the newer attraction Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The Festival of Fantasy parade does offer a FastPass+ but if you find a spot 30 minutes in advance, you will find a good viewing location, therefore a FastPass+ isn’t really necessary. It’s important to do some research if you aren’t sure which rides and experiences are good to use a FastPass+ for, or ask a pro!

4. Eat Off-Peak Times

The quick-service locations at Magic Kingdom get very busy and crowded over lunch, which mean long lines and sometimes it’s even difficult to find a seat. The way to avoid this is to eat lunch off-peak times. Have an early lunch before the rush starts, or wait until early afternoon to have a late lunch. There are plenty of delicious snacks around the park to hold you over. Lunchtime is also a good time to get in line for attractions, while everyone is eating, the lines can be a little shorter!

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3. Early Breakfast Reservations

Pros know that the Magic Kingdom is the least crowded in the early morning and a smart way to get into the park before other guests is to make an early breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest, The Crystal Palace or Cinderella’s Royal Table. Advance breakfast reservations can be made as early at 8:00am, which is before the park even opens! Waking up early is worth the experience of an empty Main Street and getting that photo in front of the castle without anyone else in the picture.

2. Day and Night

Disney pros know that many attractions at Magic Kingdom must be experienced during both the day and the night. There are many attractions that offer a different ride experience in the evening, such as The Jungle Cruise, the Peoplemover, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. Riding Splash Mountain and the Peoplemover at night give guests a different view of the castle lit up at night, and while on The Jungle Cruise guests may hear different puns, some not quite so kid friendly!

1. Welcome Show/Goodnight Kiss

There are two very magical experiences at Magic Kingdom that many guests miss. The first one is the Welcome Show and the second is The Goodnight Kiss. The Welcome Show is a fun show that happens before rope drop at the Magic Kingdom. The citizens of Main Street sing and dance, and Mickey is joined by his friends to countdown to the official opening of the park. This show really sets the whimsical tone for your day at Magic Kingdom and there’s no feeling in the world like seeing Mickey first thing when you arrive at the most magical place on earth. In order to catch the show, you need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to opening.

The Goodnight Kiss takes place at the very end of the night, when the Magic Kingdom is closing. It’s a special way for Disney to say goodnight to guests. When You Wish Upon a Star plays as the castle twinkles. A friendly voice over the speakers thanks guests for visiting and sends them on their way with a truly heart-warming goodbye. It will make you sad to leave, but excited to return. It is the perfect way to end your day at the Magic Kingdom.

Seeing both The Welcome Show and The Goodnight Kiss means a long day at the park, especially for young ones, so a break is a good idea if you want to see both in one visit.

What are your pro tips for Magic Kingdom?

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