5 Ways To Waste Money… And 5 Ways To Save At Walt Disney World!

There is no doubt that a Walt Disney World vacation can be quite expensive. For many people going to Walt Disney World is a lifelong dream that they have had to save many years for. There are plenty of things to spend money on around every corner, Mickey ears, balloons, snacks, and things you didn’t realize you “had to have” until you laid eyes on it. There are many things that you can waste money on at Walt Disney World, however there are many ways to save money as well! Here you will find the top 5 in each category.

5 Ways To Waste Money:

5. Not understanding your dining plan

Understanding your dining plan is important. While there are several options for the dining plan, use it to its full potential. For example, you will also receive a Rapid Fill Mug with your plan so don’t jump the gun and purchase one. If you choose to eat a quick service breakfast at your resort, use your mug for your beverage but don’t skip your bottled beverage that is included in your meal. Grab a Powerade or Water to take to the park with you.

4. Not Being Prepared

There are many things that you will discover you need when you are on your magical vacation. Don’t wait until you get to your resort to buy Tylenol, shaving cream, or sun screen. Purchase those things before you come on property.

3. Disney Branded Souvenirs

I get it, there are some things that you should absolutely buy at the parks. Mickey Ears or a Mickey Balloon when you arrive at the park will fulfill your children’s dreams when they enter the park. Don’t waste money on generic shirts or hats that you can buy at a department store before you arrive. You may even want to set up daily bags for each person in your family with a new Disney shirt that they can wear each day.

2. Not planning far enough ahead

Look ahead to ensure you are getting the best deal. Disney is always offering promotions, you just have to decide which one is best for your family. Don’t waste money by waiting until the last minute for your trip. This may also cause you to waste money on airfare if you wait until the last minute.

1. Pick what matters to you

If you are not the type of person that spends a great deal of time in your room, don’t waste money on staying at a deluxe resort. The value resorts are very nice and you will save a ton of money. Do you really need a rental car if you are staying on-site? Don’t waste the money if you are not going to use it, use Disney transportation!

5 Ways to Save Money:


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5. Utilizing snacks correctly on the dining plan

All snacks are not created equal. There are many ways to stretch your snack credits. Redeem your credits for shareable items like funnel cakes, pop-corn, or an ice cream sandwich from the ice cream shop at Magic Kingdom. Shareable items give you a chance to taste different things and save some snacks, which in turn will save you money!

4. Hydrate…FOR FREE

If you walk up to any quick service restaurant you can get ice water for free. If you feel like you need a little flavor, pack drink packets like Crystal Light. This is much better than spending around $3 on every bottle of water.

3. Plan resort days

If you plan resort days you can buy a 5 day ticket instead of a 7 day ticket. The resorts at Walt Disney World are some of the very best. You are already paying a premium to stay on-site, plan a couple of days to enjoy it. You will also find that there are daily activities at the pool for the family to enjoy. As an added bonus this will also give you and your family an opportunity to relax.

2. Rapid Fill Mug

If you are not on the dining plan, I still recommend purchasing the Rapid Fill Mug. You will pay around $17 after tax. This will allow you unlimited refills on your beverages at any resort quick service restaurant for the length of your stay. If you fill your mug just 7 times it will pay for the mug. It is great to fill it before you are leaving for the park, once you are done rinse it, throw it in the bag, and fill it back up on your way back to your room. It will also come in really handy on those resort days mentioned above.

1. Tables in Wonderland

If you are a passholder, Disney Vacation Club member, or Florida resident this is a must have. For Florida residents it is $175 per year, if you are a passholder it is $150. The Tables in Wonderland card will get you a 20% discount at several restaurants on property. Most of these restaurants are table service restaurants and 18% gratuity will be added. This basically means you will save your gratuity as your discount. There are some quick service restaurants that will also give you the discount like the Disney All Star Resort food courts and Flame Tree BBQ. If you are eligible to purchase this card, we HIGHLY recommend you do!

About Brandon Blanchard

Brandon Blanchard has been married for 14 years and has 5 children. All 7 Blanchards are infatuated with Disney World! Their Disney Infatuation started after his wife, Esme, convinced him to take their then four children (7 and under) to Disney in December of 2010. She had grown up going to Disney and wanted her own children to experience the magic! He told her that they could go once, but he didn't know why on earth he needed to use a whole week of his vacation time. There were only 4 parks! After walking down Main Street for the first time, Brandon looked at his wife and he started the next sentence with the most magical four words: “When we come back…” Disney World has become their happy place and can make everything right! After a series of corporate relocations, Brandon jumped on one that would move his family to Central Florida permanently in 2015. Professionally, Brandon is a manager for a Technical Support Company. Esme homeschools their 5 children who think it is SO COOL that they have the freedom and flexibility to visit theme parks weekly!