5 Reasons Why We Love Walt Disney World’s Memory Maker

Pictures are an important part of any Walt Disney World vacation, but getting those perfect photos can be a bit of a pain. In order to get your whole family in the shot you might have to ask a stranger to take the picture for you; using your expensive phone or camera. If those pictures don’t come out, you’ll have to stop someone else. Many phones have limited storage, and if you bring a camera, well, that is just one more thing that you’ll have to keep track of while you are in the theme parks. Walt Disney World has come up with a great solution. They place PhotoPass Photographers in the most popular picture spots. The cost of those pictures can add up if you buy them all individually. That is where Memory Maker comes into play. With Memory Maker, you will be able to keep all of your PhotoPass pictures, for one price.

You don’t have to purchase Memory Maker for everyone in your party, your photos can be linked. If you and your toddler get a picture with Mickey while your spouse takes the older kids to ride Tower of Terror, you will still get all of your pictures. Just scan your MagicBand, or take the card from the PhotoPass Photographer. You can easily link that card to your account with the My Disney Experience App. One thing to keep in mind, if you buy Memory Maker ahead of time, you might save a little bit of money. If you’re an out of state Annual Passholder, all of your PhotoPass pictures are included, so purchasing Memory Maker won’t make sense. The pictures are included with some, but not all, Florida Resident Annual Passes. Here are five reasons why we love Memory Maker when we visit Walt Disney World.

5. Borders

If you like playing around with your photos, it is easy to do if you have Memory Maker. There are plenty of fun borders that you can add. There are borders that are based on rides, on each park, on characters, and more. If you don’t want a full border, you can easily add stickers as well. You can place the stickers where you want them, so Aunt Bertha won’t end up with the seven dwarfs across her face. Play around as much as you want. You can then keep the changes and the original as well.

4. Magic Shots

Another extra with Memory Maker is called Magic Shots. It’s a really fun idea that adds a little bit of extra magic to your pictures. With Magic Shots, an extra is added to your photo. You could end up with Tinkerbell on your hand, or a hitchhiking ghost could photo bomb your picture. The addition will be seen in your final pictures. Most PhotoPass locations are not Magic Shot locations, so ask the photographer if there are any places for Magic Shots close by. Locations do change, and there seem to be more available during special events. You might also find some extra videos in your downloads. These take one of your pictures and add action from a Disney character or characters. You’ll feel as if you and your family are part of the latest Disney movie.

3. Ride Photos and Videos

For years Walt Disney World guests have gotten off of the most popular rides and grabbed their cameras, hoping to take a quick picture of the ride photo so that they didn’t have to pay for the big copy. If you have Memory Maker, you won’t have to do that any longer, because all of your ride photos are included. That alone can cover the cost of Memory Maker. There are also some rides that now have video. Those are included in Memory Maker as well. The ride videos are a generic recording with the ride’s story, and they have a second or two of you and the others on the ride. It is not a video of the entire ride. They are still fun to watch, and with Memory Maker, you can download them, share them, and keep them forever. Make sure you wear your MagicBand for the ride or else you won’t get those pictures.

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2. All the Best Photo Spots

There are some pictures that everyone needs to take on a Walt Disney World vacation, and the PhotoPass Photographers have them covered! You will get great pictures of the theme park icons, of classic spots such as the Partners Statue, and at most character greetings. You will find them in other areas as well. There will be extra photographers out for special events. The photographers are easy to spot, in many areas they wear a beige vest, often have a large beige hat, and, of course, they carry a huge camera. The photographers will snap several pictures, and if you want they will also take a few more from your phone or camera.

1. Unlimited!!!

If you purchase Memory Maker, you can have as many photos as you want. There is no limit. You can capture all of your memories. If you want to get pictures with every character you run into, do it. If you love pictures in front of Cinderella Castle, get them from several different spots along Main Street, U.S.A., and at different times during the day. Ride the rides over and over again, knowing that you’ll have the pictures to remember them by. If you see a photographer, get in line and get that picture! Use the My Disney Experience App to see your pictures, or sign into your account online. Once your vacation is over, you can order a CD that contains hundreds of your pictures, or you can download them yourself. You can also use your Memory Maker photos to create phone cases, mouse pads, Christmas ornaments, coffee mugs, and more. Considering the number of pictures that you will end up with if you purchase Memory Maker, it will pay for itself just a few hours into your trip.

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