12 Reasons Why You Should Move To Walt Disney World When You Retire

golf at walt disney world
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Florida is a haven for retirees, and there are many reasons why. Some of those are listed below. The pace in the state is a little bit different, it’s known as “the Florida lifestyle”. If you decide to move near Walt Disney World when you retire you will never be bored, unless you want to be. Here are 12 of the many reasons why you should consider moving near Walt Disney World once you decide to retire.


12) Plenty of Part Time Jobs

Retirement often means that you leave the main workforce, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still want to work. You just plan to take it a bit easier. If you’re looking for a part time job after you retire, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a great match at Walt Disney World. You will then be eligible for benefits like complimentary tickets and more. Chances are that there will be more magic in your part time job than you ever experienced at work before you retired.

11) No State Income Tax

Don’t like paying state income tax? Move to Florida, and the tourists will pay it for you! Enough revenue is made in the state through taxing hotels, restaurants, and merchandise so that Florida does not have a state income tax. Of course, you’ll still have plenty of other taxes to pay, but one less will feel like a small victory.

10) Golf

Whether you’ve played golf for years or you have always had a secret desire to pick up the game, you will find plenty of opportunities to play if you retire near Walt Disney World. If you purchase a Disney Platinum Plus Pass, you can work on your swing at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course for no extra charge. There are plenty of other world class golf courses in the area, both on and off Disney property. If your game is hopeless, remember that there are two miniature golf courses on Walt Disney World property as well.


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9) Friendship Potential

Since Florida is a popular place to retire, you will have the potential to make plenty of like-minded friends. Retirement communities are popular. One of the most famous is The Villages, Florida, which is just over an hour away from Walt Disney World. Of course you don’t have to live in a retirement community if you don’t want to. Join a gym, volunteer at an animal shelter, or apply for a part time job at Walt Disney World. If you’re still having a hard time finding friends, there are several senior centers in Central Florida. Chances are that they will be able to help you out.

8) You’ll Have Visitors

Do your grown children live in a different part of the country and never visit? They will appear on your doorstep if you move near Walt Disney World! If you get that part time job at Disney (and the free tickets that come with it) you will see your friends and family from elsewhere quite often, especially if you have a spare bedroom. Plan to invite everyone to your new place for the holidays. No one does Christmas like Walt Disney World, even if you never enter a park.

7) Florida Resident Discounts

The most important Florida Resident Discount that you will be eligible for is the reduced price on Annual Passes. The discounts don’t stop there. Most of the area attractions offer some type of discount for those who can prove that they call Florida home. Ride the Orlando Eye, or take an airboat ride. The savings can be substantial, and you will always find something fun to do.

6) Travel the World

Do you like to learn about different places and cultures, but don’t really want to spend the time and money to travel? At Walt Disney World you can travel the world and still sleep in your own bed at night. You can try international dishes, shop for cultural items, and talk to Cast Members from different countries. With Pandora – The World of Avatar, you can travel farther than ever! If you retire near Walt Disney World you can take your time and explore the World Showcase countries, but no passport is required.

5) No Age Limit

At Walt Disney World, there is no age limit. Instead, it is for the child inside anyone. There are activities that everyone can enjoy at Walt Disney World. Some theme parks elsewhere cater mostly to a specific age group, but you can’t say that about Walt Disney World. There are thrill rides and slow rides. There are world class shows and dazzling fireworks displays. If you retire near Walt Disney World, you can feel like a kid as often as you want.

4) Signature Dining

While feeling like a kid is one reason to retire near Walt Disney World, you will also sometimes want to feel like an adult. That is easy as well, in the form of signature dining. If you love delicious food and creative cocktails, you will find plenty to enjoy. The Walt Disney World signature restaurants are some of the best in Central Florida, and in the case of Victoria & Albert’s, in the country. If you retire near Walt Disney World, you can try them all.

3) Spring and Fall

A lot is said about how nice the winters are in Florida, and how hot and humid the summers can be. Both of those things are true. Spring and fall aren’t mentioned nearly as much. If you love flowers, you will love spring in Florida! The entire state comes alive with color. Of course, that color never totally left like it does in most parts of the country. Fall foliage may not be much of a spectacle in Florida, but that is because the trees keep their beautiful green leaves all year long. There is still plenty of color, but it comes more from flowers that do well in the warm autumn. If you miss the foliage, remember that you don’t want to spend your retirement raking leaves. If you still want to see some foliage, head to the nearby town of Celebration for their annual Oktoberfest weekend. You’ll see plenty of colored leaves. They’re just made of paper and shot out of a box.

2) Winter

You might think that the first snowfall of the year is pretty, but how do you feel about the fifth one? If you retire near Walt Disney World, you will never have to shovel snow again. You won’t have to worry about icy sidewalks or driving in hazardous conditions. Your heavy coat, gloves, hat, scarf, and boots will not be a daily necessity when you go to get your mail. If you want snow, once again head to Celebration. Now Snowing takes place each night, starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving and running through the end of the year. You can also experience Christmas season “snow” at Walt Disney World. Head to Disney Springs, or purchase a ticket to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

1) You’ll Be Near Walt Disney World!

What better reason is there to retire near Walt Disney World than the fact that it’s Walt Disney World? It’s a place where magic is real, elephants fly, princesses offer hugs, and every story has a happy ending. At Walt Disney World everyone can fit in, customer service is extremely important, and you can leave the real world behind. Move to Central Florida, and you will be

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