10 Things You’ll Love About Adventureland At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

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Some of the most iconic Walt Disney World rides can be found in the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland.  But there are lesser-known gems here too, which shouldn’t be missed.  Not sure what to see, do, buy or eat in Adventureland?  Here are ten of our favorite things to get you started!


1. Aloha Isle

Guests flock to this Polynesian-themed quick service location in Adventureland, and with good reason – it’s one of the only places on property where you can find the famed Dole Whip!  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of enjoying one, the Dole Whip is a soft-serve frozen treat in pineapple, vanilla or citrus swirl, and it’s like a slice of tropical paradise.  You can also get soft drinks, floats and pineapple spears here.

2. Theming

Adventureland’s theme is a mix of various exotic global locales, so there’s something that will appeal to the adventurer in all of us.  There’s the Arabian Village, which calls to mind a desert oasis.  There’s Caribbean Plaza, which evokes images of clear turquoise water and antique pirate ships.  And there’s the Polynesian theme, which features tiki statues and sprawling jungle.  Everywhere you go, the details are predictably impressive, with an underlying impression that modernization and technology have left the building, leaving nature to run wild!

3. Jungle Cruise

This iconic Walt Disney World ride gets you up close and personal with a variety of animatronic animals.  It’s a leisurely boat ride through the jungles of three different continents, and it definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously!  Your ten-minute Jungle Cruise ride will be full of sight gags and groan-worthy jokes told by your skipper.  Don’t miss this attraction when it transforms into “Jingle Cruise” for the holidays!

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4. Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen

If you can’t get enough of Jungle Cruise, you’ll want to reserve a seat at the new restaurant inspired by it!  Skipper Canteen serves up creative and tasty cuisine from Africa, Asia and South America, in a gorgeously themed, tropical outpost setting.  Oh, and remember those “dad” jokes from Jungle Cruise?  Well, your server will have a hearty helping of them for you during your meal!

5. Swiss Family Treehouse

This is a must for treehouse lovers!  A recreation of the home that the Robinson family built after being shipwrecked, this is a walk-through (or rather, climb-through – there are a total of 116 stairs) attraction that lets you explore all of the elaborate, open-air rooms used by the family in the classic Disney movie.  If you can make it to the top, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the Magic Kingdom.

6. Enchanted Tiki Room

This attraction is often passed over by guests, but we think it deserves your attention!  It’s a fascinating and whimsical look at the pioneering audio-animatronics that have made all iconic Disney attractions possible.  There’s never much of a wait for the Enchanted Tiki Room, which is a plus!  We also like that it’s a cosy indoor haven from inclement weather (or from blistering heat and sun), where you can relax on comfortable benches and watch the 10-minute show featuring audio-animatronic birds.

7. Spitting Camels

While it’s not exactly an attraction, you won’t be able to miss the enormous spitting camels next to Aladdin’s Carpet Ride in Adventureland.  It’s a fun spot to watch unsuspecting passing guests be hit by a surprise stream of water, or to jump in on the fun yourself!  And don’t listen to rumors claiming that a hidden cast member targets guests with a remote control – the spitting camels are not controlled by anyone (look for the puddles of water if you want to avoid the stream – or get cooled off!).

8. Shopping

If shopping’s more your speed, you have a great selection of shops in Adventureland!  There are several shops here.  You’ll find Arabian-themed merchandise (for Aladdin lovers), surf gear and other tropical island needs.  There’s also everything you could possibly imagine for any budding pirates in your party!  You can even find a new pair of sunglasses or a tropical shirt.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean

Perhaps no other ride is more synonymous with Walt Disney World’s Adventureland than the classic Pirates of the Caribbean!  Most people know that this attraction inspired the hit films by the same name, and now elements of the movie have made it back into the ride, including, of course, Captain Jack Sparrow himself!  The animatronics, costumes and lighting have been renovated, and the some new scents have been added (rum and burning odours).  Pirates of the Caribbean continues to be a hit with young and not-so-young alike!

10. The Pirates League

Looking for even more pirate fun?  Head to Adventureland’s Pirates League.  It offers deluxe themed makeover experiences that will turn you into a pirate (including Captain Hook and Jake), a mermaid or an empress.  In addition to face painting, extras like costume pieces and accessories are also included.  You’ll also be regaled with pirate tales and be officially sworn into The Pirates League (you’ll even get your own pirate name)!  It’s the ultimate transformation to complete a magical day.

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