10 Things That May Seem Unusual To Pack For A Walt Disney World Vacation

Packing for any trip is not always easy, but it can be more difficult if you’re headed to Walt Disney World. Here are ten things that you might want to have with you. This isn’t a list of things that you already know that you need like comfortable shoes and sunscreen. These are items you might not think of. A couple of these suggestions might also save you a few dollars. What unusual item do you usually pack for Disney? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

One suggestion for something to not pack if you’re headed to Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort. Don’t bring too many T-shirts with you. Instead, buy a T-shirt for each member of your family in the parks or at Disney Springs (or Downtown Disney in California) at the end of the day, and then wear them the next day. You’ll save space for the trip there, and you’ll end up with some fantastic T-shirts that will chronicle your vacation.

10) Packing Cubes or Compression Bags

So you decided to buy your T-shirts once at Disney, and then you discovered that you don’t have any extra space in your suitcases for them. Packing cubes or compression bags could be the answer! These are made to get most of the air out, giving you more room in your suitcase. Here’s the trick, leave the cubes or bags empty when you originally pack them. Save them for your trip home, because that is when you will need the extra space.

9) Power Strip

You might want to start packing a power strip (surge protector) whenever you go on vacation, not just when you are headed to Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort. You are going to want to be able to charge all of your cell phones, your portable chargers, your tablets, etc. Whether you’re staying on property or off, the hotel room never seems to have enough outlets in the right places. If you pack a power strip or two, you can stay charged and keep everything nearby. Look for a small strip with several outlets so that it won’t take up too much room in your suitcase.


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8) Hand Sanitizer

Walt Disney World might be the most magical place on Earth, but it is probably one of the germiest as well. People visit daily from all over the world, and they bring their local germs with them. The finger scanner, the napkin dispenser, the ride seat belts, and thousands of other things are places where you can easily pick up another person’s germs. Pack hand sanitizer, and use it often.

7) Zipper Bags

Zipper bags come in handy for many different reasons at Walt Disney World. You can place your electronics in them if it rains or when you go on Splash Mountain. You can use them to carry snacks, or to hold the rest of your daughter’s chips if she couldn’t finish them at lunch. Put clean socks for everyone into zipper bags; if you get caught in the rain you’ll be glad that you have dry socks. Use the bags to hold the wet socks after the rain so that everything in your backpack won’t get ruined. There are at least a dozen other reasons why you might use zipper bags. Throw a box of them into your suitcase, you’ll be glad that you did.

6) Gum

If you are a gum chewer, you’ll need to pack it if you plan to enjoy it while at Walt Disney World. Disney does not sell gum, even in the candy stores. If you do chew gum, please dispose of it properly. You do not want to be part of the problem.

5) Caffeine Tablets

If you are the type of person who can’t get through the day without several cups of coffee, you might want to consider buying a package of caffeine tablets such as NoDoz and throwing it into your suitcase. It’s true that there are plenty of places to get coffee at Walt Disney World, but do you really want to finish your second large cup of the morning and then get into line for Avatar Flight of Passage? You also don’t want to skip the coffee and risk the headache that can accompany caffeine withdrawal. Caffeine tablets take up almost no room, and unlike coffee, won’t make nature call when you’re two and a half hours into a three hour wait.

4) Sharpie

If you plan to get autographs, having a Sharpie will come in handy. The large pen is easy for the characters. You might find other reasons to use the Sharpie as well. If you have small children, write your phone number in Sharpie on the inside of their collars, or even on their shoulders in a spot that is going to be covered by their T-shirts. You can use the Sharpie to personalize any toys that you buy on your trip, much like Andy did in Toy Story. If you have kids, you know that it makes sense to have a Sharpie with you, because you never know when you might need it.

3) Sound Machine

A day in one of the Walt Disney World theme parks is exciting, and it can be hard to shut down and go to sleep at the end of the day. It is also sometimes impossible to block out noise from the hotel’s hallway or the room next door or above you. A sound machine that plays white noise can help everyone to tune out other noises, relax, and fall asleep. There are white noise apps available, but do you really want to run your cell phone all night long? A sound machine can make a huge difference in the way that everyone sleeps, and your phone can take a break as well.

2) Glow Necklaces

Once the sun goes down you will see kiosks in the parks selling toys with lights and things that glow. Kids love such items at first, but once you get home the toy will most likely end up forgotten in the toy box. Save yourself some money, and pick up a few packages of glow necklaces before you leave home. You can often find them at a party or dollar store. When it gets dark, give them to the kids. They’ll love them, and you can spend the money instead on souvenirs that they really want.

1) Ponchos in Bulk

Florida is the Sunshine State, but it rains a lot. Most likely there will be a chance of rain every single day of your vacation if you’re traveling during the summer. The rainy season starts sometime in April, and ends in the late fall. The storms usually do not last very long, and they will not ruin your vacation. You can buy ponchos at Walt Disney World, but then you’ll end up carrying wet ponchos with you for the rest of the day. Instead, stock up on ponchos at your local dollar store before you leave home. Buy at least one per day for every member of your party. When the rain hits, pull them out and stay dry. After the storm has passed, throw them in the trash. Throwing out the used ponchos will also free up some extra space in your suitcase for all those T-shirts that you bought.

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