10 Things You May Be Missing In Epcot’s Future World At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

Epcot has some of the greatest draws on Disney property. Some of the best thrill rides can be found in Future World (Soarin’ and Test Track) and of course you could spend days exploring the worlds in the World Showcase. With so much focus on the World Showcase, it’s easy to miss a lot of the key aspects that Future World has to offer.

10. Photo opportunities

Once you make the trek into the World Showcase, photo opportunities abound, but there are also plenty of fun shots to be had in Future World. Don’t miss the opportunity to get some of the most iconic Walt Disney World photos you can get, such as the shot in front of Spaceship Earth. There are many angles to choose from; try from either side as well as from behind, utilizing the fountains as a foreground as well. The fountains are breathtaking and deserve some time and some photos. And not just the main fountain – make sure to visit the dancing fountain near the Imagination Pavilion.

9. Project Tomorrow

With so much to do in the park, it’s easy to skip the incredible Project Tomorrow when you exit Spaceship Earth. If you haven’t had an opportunity to take in this area, it is definitely worth a look. Simulations like Body Builder allows you to assemble a human body and see what new technology is being developed for remote surgeries. Or take in a driver simulation, once again showcasing some new technology but this time focused around accident avoidance systems. All this, and check out some photos based around the future you created on the ride itself.

8. Restaurants

With so many incredible restaurants in the World Showcase, we always used to skip Future World entirely. But this is a huge opportunity. The two main restaurants in Future World are both phenomenal and they are usually some of the last ones to book up with reservations. So the next time you are looking for a place to eat while in Epcot, grab a reservation at Garden Grill or Coral Reef.

7. Character Spot

The Character Spot is a place where you can get all of the classic Walt Disney characters in one spot in their classic costumes. Of course, we love seeing Mickey and his pals in their various different garbs; depending on the park, we also really want to get that pic with them in their original costumes. Here is where to do it. You will walk from station to station getting pics and/or autographs from Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. And if you utilize the FastPass system, you can have it all done in a matter of minutes.

6. Mouse Gear

I’m sure you haven’t missed this, but you may not be appreciating it as much as you should. When people do their shopping in Walt Disney World, most visit Disney Springs or maybe the shops on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom. What they often don’t take full advantage of is MouseGear in Epcot. This shop often has items that you won’t find anywhere else on property. And it really has everything. It is bigger than any of the shops on Main Street USA, and is really only matched by the World of Disney store in Disney Springs.


This is a personal favorite – did you know that the aquarium at the Sea with Nemo and Friends has dolphins? I will tell you right now, most of the time you are not going to see them up close. Disney will not force the dolphins out into the open, and a lot of time they will choose to stay in their tank, which is not really visible except through the small openings through which they can enter the bigger tank. But sometimes if you are really lucky and hang around long enough they will come out into the main tank to play, and that is really a sight to see.

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4. Test Track Shop

The shop after Test Track, one of the fastest rides ever built in Walt Disney World, is also one of the most popular. Kids and adults alike enjoy designing their own cars and testing them out on the ride’s testing ground. But after you’ve created your car and have ridden Test Track to see how it performed, don’t hurry on to your next FastPass quite yet – there’s more fun to be had with your creation! Your MagicBand is your link to your design, and you can use it to play a variety of games in the post-ride showroom. You can see your car star in its own tv commercial, or race it on a virtual track. Score your creation against the designs of other guests, and check out the awesome Chevrolet vehicles, including concept cars, and pose for photos with them. Or take advantage of green screen technology, pick a background (“under the sea” is a fun one!), and pose for a photo that your design will be inserted in. You can even have it emailed to you, and you’ll have a memento of you with your creation!

3. Backstage Tours

Tours like Behind the Seeds, Living with the Lands or even the opportunity to swim with dolphins right in Disney World can elevate your experience in Epcot. Behind the scenes tours are a key aspect that was part of the original vision for Epcot, and these tours really give more insight into what the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow was meant to be. Some do have an extra cost associated with them, like swimming with dolphins, but others do not. These are actually some of the most fascinating experiences you may have in the park, and they almost always have absolutely no wait time. Make sure to add them to your agenda next trip.

2. Innoventions

Another great example of what Epcot was meant to be this is often overlooked these days, as kids tend to be drawn to thrill rides or character experiences. Another element of the original Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, Innoventions includes interactive attractions with the SpectacuLAB and Colortopia. These are such a blast for kids of all ages and really it’s what Epcot was meant to be, so give it a try the next time you are there. This is such an important part of the park and should go back to being on everyone’s list of top things to do while on vacation in Walt Disney World.

1. Club Cool

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