10 Favorite Chocolate Treats at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World

Confession time:  I really like chocolate.  And I don’t discriminate, I’ll happily eat a Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar or a fancy flavored dark chocolate.  It is always fun to seek out some unusual or specialty chocolates while on vacation, and Disney Springs has a great variety of options to please your chocolate cravings.  Here are 10 of my favorite chocolate treats at Disney Springs and where to find them:

10. Ghirardelli Freebies

Chocolate + Free = Winning.  When you visit the Ghirardelli Shop in the Marketplace side of Disney Springs you will be encountered with so much chocolate.  They have gift baskets made up, sampler sets made up, and they have their irresistible squares in all flavors available for you to mix and match.  But, most importantly, when you enter you are greeted by a Cast Member handing out a free square to each guest.  You usually get a seasonal flavor they are advertising, but free chocolate tastes even better, right? I can’t guarantee they’ll be offering the samples every time you visit, but it is definitely worth checking.

9. S’mores Pie at Blaze Pizza

While this isn’t straight up chocolate, it is chocolate with two of my favorite compliments—graham cracker and marshmallow, toasted.  S’mores are a comfort food and the Blaze version is very good, I highly recommend adding this to your custom pizza order as your dessert, or if you are craving s’mores just stop by and pick one up for a snack.

8. Planet Hollywood Observatory Chocolate Comet Milkshake

Planet Hollywood’s re-imagining as an observatory in Disney Springs did a great job turning the iconic Planet Hollywood globe into something that blended more seamlessly with the theming of Disney Springs.  The re-imagining also enhanced the menu with Cosmic milkshakes that are literally out of this world, over the top concoctions.  To please your chocolate tooth try the Chocolate Comet Milkshake made with hand-dipped chocolate ice cream, double chocolate brownie frosting, chocolate candy, brownies, and a cookie straw.  You might want to share this one.

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7. Auntie’s Chocolate Cake at Art Smith’s Homecomin’

Art Smith’s Homecomin’ has delicious southern dishes from fried chicken to shrimp & grits.  But, don’t forget about the desserts.  With family recipes like his Aunt Evelyn’s chocolate cake, the decadent treats are can’t miss.  In true southern style this chocolate cake includes candied pecans.

6. Earl of Sandwich’s Brownie Crème Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich has been a staple at Disney Springs dating back to the Downtown Disney days.  This restaurant provides an excellent value and great food—and sometimes the lines to order prove it.  To satisfy your chocolate craving get the Brownie Crème Sandwich—yummy chocolately pieces of brownie with a thick icing layer in between . . . . so good!!  They do run out of these popular items, the regular brownies are pretty good too.

5. Ghirardelli Painted Ladies Midnight Reverie Shake

After you pick up your free chocolate square, head over to the Soda Fountain side of Ghirardelli to order up a delicious chocolate shake.  You’ll find a few varieties, but I recommend the “Intense Dark” Painted Ladies Midnight Reverie.  As per their description “Ghirardelli Chocolate Ice Cream, layered with handmade dark chocolate hot fudge and Ghirardelli mini dark chocolate chips topped with whipped cream and an intense dark 72% Twilight Delight chocolate.”  Need I say more?  If you are a dark chocolate fan, this shake is for you.

4. D-Luxe Burger Godiva Chocolate and Strawberry Malt Gelato “Adult” Shake

I guess I sort-of have a theme going here of delicious chocolate shakes at Disney Springs to satisfy chocolate cravings.  But at D-Luxe Burger you don’t want to miss the artisanal gelato shakes—they are rich, creamy and so good.  And, for the 21 and up crowd, they offer alcoholic versions.  Check out the Godiva Chocolate and Strawberry Malt Gelato Shake, chocolate and strawberry is one of my favorite flavor combos (right up there with chocolate and peanut butter).  This shake is vanilla gelato blended with Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur, Chocolate Sauce and Malt, topped with Whipped Cream and a strawberry drizzle.  If you are looking for a non-alcoholic shake here the Chocolate Gelato Shake with vanilla gelato, milk and dark chocolate sauce, whipped cream, dark chocolate drizzle and a cherry will be right up your alley.

3. The Salted Caramel Bubble Waffle at AristoCrepes

AristoCrepes is one of the kiosks located along the walkways of Disney Springs, and they have some amazing crepe combinations—both sweet and savory.  For chocoholics like me, the Salted Caramel Bubble Waffle hits the spot!  This great combination of salty & sweet features a trendy bubble waffle topped with Chocolate Ice Cream, Pretzel Pieces, Whipped Cream, Crispy Pearls and Caramel Sauce.

2. Mickey Mousse at Amorette’s Patisserie

This adorable mini-cake is almost too cute to eat!  It is definitely Instagram worthy, and the price is more reasonable than you would think.  But aside from all of that, the Mickey Mousse at Amorette’s Patisserie combines ALL of the chocolates for a smooth and delicious treat:  Chocolate Chiffon Cake, Dark Chocolate Mousse and White Chocolate Mousse.  All decorated up to look like the main mouse himself.  Stop by and get one of these to enjoy on the spot, or have it boxed up to enjoy in your resort room—they make a perfect little Birthday sweet surprise.

1. The Ganachery

This time I am listing an entire shop as my number 1 choice for a chocolate treat at Disney Springs.  The Ganachery is amazing, and you can smell it as you approach it.  And as the sign on their wall says, there’s nothing chocolate can’t fix.  Here you can purchase individual chocolates with all kinds of familiar or exotic flavors—they are all beautiful and displayed in a glass case.  There are also ready-made assortments to choose from along with Disney themed treats like character chocolate pops and chocolate bars.  I love the bars that are inspired by Disney characters for their flavoring, and they even have some that are inspired by Disney Parks like the Walt Disney World chocolate bar that is flavored with oranges and fruit tea flavors.  The best part about the Ganachery?  You can watch them making the chocolates right there!

Like Forrest’s mom always said, Life is like a box of chocolates, but at Disney Springs you can be sure that you are going to get something delicious with these tasty chocolate treats.  What are you favorite chocolate splurges at Disney Springs?

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