10 Best Walt Disney World Souvenirs for Teens

Teens are either difficult to buy for, or extremely easy. There doesn’t seem to be any in between. Souvenirs are part of any Walt Disney World vacation, and often you’ll also bring back gifts for others back home. Here are ten gifts that most teens will love, whether they’re traveling with you, or you want to bring back a surprise. There are some generalizations in these suggestions, obviously not every item will work for every teen.

10. Food

Teens love to eat! Many of them have high metabolism, and can eat a full meal and then be hungry again an hour later. That’s why food can make a great souvenir for a teen. You can purchase chocolate covered pretzels (shaped like Mickey, of course), crisp rice treats, character apples, candy, and even pasta shaped like some of the Disney classics. Food can be the perfect souvenir, but it’s one that won’t last long.

9. Mugs

The teen years are filled with late nights doing homework. It’s often when someone will start drinking coffee. What better thing for a new coffee drinker to use than a Walt Disney World souvenir mug? You can buy mugs shaped like characters, mugs that are based on movies, or mugs that reflect the parks. For something fun for a new coffee drinker, pick up mugs at the Walt Disney World Starbucks locations. Those mugs are unique to each shop. If your teen doesn’t drink coffee, mugs are also perfect for hot chocolate.

8. Car Accessories

In most states, teens can start learning to drive between 14 and 16, with most being able to try for their license not too long after that. If you know a teen who will soon have wheels, car accessories are great souvenirs. You could buy a Mickey antenna topper, or maybe your teen would prefer a sticker of hitchhiking ghosts. You could put together a gift pack of several car items that are Disney related. While you’re at it, pick up a few things for your own car as well.

7. Pressed Pennies

Here’s a great souvenir that your teen can collect while you’re at Walt Disney World. There are pressed penny machines near rides, in restaurants, in gift shops, and in many other places. Bring a brand new roll of pennies and plenty of quarters, and your teen can make his or her own souvenirs. Pressed pennies are great because they are cheap (51 cents!) and they don’t take up a lot of room. They will also help commemorate favorite moments from your family vacation.

6. Caricatures

Here’s another fun idea for a teen who is traveling with you. Take a few minutes and have a caricature drawn! You will find talented artists in several places, including at some resorts. Your teen can become a favorite superhero, Disney character, or even villain. Black and white as well as color pictures are available. Caricatures only take a few minutes, but your teen will have a souvenir that will last a lifetime.

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5. Star Wars Items

Star Wars is hot right now, and Walt Disney World is a fantastic place to pick up souvenirs for fans of the franchise. Your teen can build a lightsaber or droid to take home. There are T-shirts, hats, and other apparel. Her Universe sells some great Star Wars items for teenage girls who want to show their feminine sides while also showing their love for all things Star Wars. Tatooine Traders at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has plenty of options, or you might want to try Star Wars Galactic Outpost at Disney Springs. Other places at Walt Disney World also sell Star Wars related souvenirs, and with more movies, TV shows, and a Star Wars land on the way, the amount of merchandise will grow as well.

4. Vinylmation

If you’re not sure what Vinylmation is, you’re not alone. Disney sells collectible characters, most of which have some resemblance to a famous mouse. The figures are made of vinyl. The interesting part about buying Vinylmation at Walt Disney World is that the boxes are sealed, so the buyer does not know what is inside until after the purchase. There are different series, and you can find Vinylmation figures based on classic characters, rides, popular movies, and more. If you loved collecting baseball cards when you were a teen, your teen will probably love collecting Vinylmation. 

3. Hats

Hats are a practical souvenir as well as a way for your teen to show some personality. Hats can be simple, such as a baseball hat with the words Walt Disney World on it, or much more complex, like a Sorcerer Mickey hat with flashing lights. Pick up a couple of souvenir hats for your teen. Buy something that will be worn during your vacation, and something else that will be worn back home. Mickey Ears are also a must.

2. T-Shirts

T-shirts may be a cliche souvenir, but they are also popular. T-shirts are another place where a teen can show his or her personality. Some teens will throw something on and go, others will take seemingly hours to find the perfect thing to wear. No matter which way your favorite teen behaves, there is a perfect T-shirt at Walt Disney World. There are character T-shirts, ride T-shirts, movie T-shirts, food-related T-shirts, comical T-shirts, fancy princess T-shirts, and hundreds more. T-shirts are great souvenirs for those teens who travel with you, and also something great to give to any teens back home. 

1. Pins

Pin trading is fun at any age, but it can be perfect for a teen who thinks that he or she is “too cool” for Walt Disney World (which, of course, isn’t possible). If your teen has never traded pins before, pick up a starter pack and a few extra pins the day that you arrive. Then see what happens! Pin trading is great because it not only is fun, it encourages interaction with Cast Members who are also pin traders. If your teens are shy, it could be a good way to pull them out of their shells. Favorite pins will be cherished for years to come, and there may be some stories behind some of those special pins that will be told as well. Even if your teen isn’t interested in trading, pins will help your whole family to remember special moments from your vacation.

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