10 Best Walt Disney World Souvenirs for Men

(Photos courtesy of Disney)

To all the gentlemen who have been looking for a way to show off their love of Disney while still keeping it cool, this list is for you. The following ten items will help you bring a bit of magic to your daily routine, without sacrificing your inherent manliness. Don’t worry. There are no fanny packs on this list.

10. Cap off your Business Look

These Captain America cufflinks are the perfect way to show your colleagues that you are capable, confident, patriotic, and possibly a member of the avengers. You might just get a promotion, on the spot.


9. The Perfect Bag for your Crime-Fighting Needs

How else are you going to carry all of the things you need to defeat Hive? (Or just your gym clothes. Up to you.) The best thing about this super cool tote is that it’s customizable! You can change the colors or even add some text to it! I can’t even tell you how much I want to get one of these and put Agent Fleming on the front.


8. Discreet Disney Love

Ok, guys. If you’re not ready to shout your Disney love from the rooftops yet, this is the wallet for you. This genuine leather grain wallet is sleek and masculine, with just a bit of Disney magic in the lining. Walt Disney’s signature is even embossed on the inside! The Disney factor is not obvious to the world, but you know it’s there and that’s all that matters.


7. The Business Savvy is Strong with This One…

Remind them who the true boss of the galaxy (or the office) is with this cool, but subtle Darth Vader tie. At first glance, it looks like a simple polka-dot design. But, if someone takes a closer look, they will see that this tie is impressive… Most impressive.


6. I Am Your Father… of the Year

Sorry for the back-to-back Vader items, but I couldn’t leave this hat off the list. I can’t think of a better way to say, “Hey, Dad. Thanks for being the most powerful father in the galaxy, and also for never using your force choke on me!” My dad may just be getting this for Christmas, because I KNOW there were times, when he would’ve briefly considered using the force choke on elementary school me.


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5. “Please Stand Clear of the Doors…”

“… Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas” For those of you, like myself, who try to say this in concert with the monorail messaging system every single time… these socks are a must. It’s the only way you can take the monorail everywhere you go! (Disclaimer: You are not required to give the warning message every time you step in and out of the elevator while wearing these socks, but you are certainly encouraged to do so.)


4. Relax at the Hollywood Tower Hotel… For the Rest of Eternity

Sure, you can never leave the Hollywood Tower Hotel, but who would want to when you have this plush robe to lounge around in? Drop in and stay awhile, won’t you? …Or I suppose you could just order the robe and enjoy it at home. Whatever floats your boat.


3. For the daredevil…

If you’ve braved the most thrilling ride in the Magic Kingdom, you need to make sure the whole world knows it. Get this shirt and everyone will know that you did the impossible… you conquered It’s a Small World After All. Your bravery is truly an inspiration to us all.


2. Be the Star of the Mudville Nine…

Combine your love of Disney and baseball with this awesome shirt celebrating the mighty Casey at the bat, and the Main Street restaurant named after him, Casey’s Corner. This soft jersey knit and the raglan sleeves will make you feel like you could hit the winning homerun, too! Hopefully, you’ll have better luck than poor Casey!


1. For the Less-Than-Even-Tempered Gentleman…

Are you prone to slight overreactions every now and then? Have you been known to yell incomprehensible things, when overcome with frustration? Face it… You are a Donald. Get this awesome shirt, and embrace your inner duck.


Fellas, I hope this list has inspired you to add a bit of Disney magic to your everyday! All of these items can be found on Disney’s online store, so you don’t have to wait till your next trip to pick them up! Happy shopping!

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