Oga’s Cantina to Come to Walt Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Of course there has to be a cantina located within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge when it opens.  We learned from Disney Parks Blog that Oga’s Cantina will be the location serving up food in the themed land when it officially opens in 2019.  Oga’s Cantina will be found at the Walt Disney World location as well as the Disneyland location in California.  Oga’s Cantina is expected to attract all kinds of characters from around the galaxy, so you never know who we might see in there!  There is expected to be unique offerings that are also served in unique vessels, too.  So far it looks like there will be choices for kids and adults, plus alcoholic beverages.

“Visitors come to this notorious local watering hole to unwind, conduct shady business, and maybe even encounter a friend…or a foe. Run by an intriguing alien proprietor, Oga Garra, the cantina adheres to a strict code of conduct that tries to keep its unruly patrons in check. But with a history of being a smugglers’ safe haven and a popular stopping point for those seeking to avoid the authorities, you can bet that the cantina has a story or two to tell.”

There will be musical entertainment that is provided by RX-24, the StarSpeeder 3000 pilot droid from Star Tours.  So guests can expect some unique music and fun while visiting Oga’s Cantina.

Who else can’t wait to see the menu and offerings from Oga’s Cantina?

Photo and Source Credit:  Disney Parks Blog

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