News and updates from one of Disney’s largest competitors, Universal.

The Battle For DAS Supremacy: Disney World vs. Universal

Disney vs Universal DAS pass

Each year, millions of people visit Walt Disney World Resort, and many of them head down the road and also visit the Universal Orlando Resort. Not everyone who visits the theme parks is able to wait in the lines, which can get incredibly busy during peak seasons. Because of this, both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando offer disability services. ...

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Universal Orlando Shutting Down Kid-Favorite Ride

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Orlando Resort promises an unforgettable adventure filled with thrills, magic, and immersive experiences. However, Universal Orlando Resort attractions occasionally undergo closures for maintenance, refurbishment, or enhancement projects like any theme park destination. Universal Orlando Resort prioritizes maintaining its attractions to the highest standards of safety and quality. As such, periodic closures are scheduled throughout the year to conduct routine ...

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Universal Studios Orlando Beats Disney World Again: Takes First Steps in Introducing New Tech

Universal Orlando Beats Disney World Again: Takes First Steps In Introducing a New Tech

We recently wrote about the idea of Walt Disney World doing away with fireworks and choosing drone technology instead. Although that may have seemed like a ridiculous argument to many of our readers, Disney’s biggest theme park competition, Universal Studios Orlando, maybe one step ahead of the House of Mouse in the battle for I-4. Drones are a versatile, reusable ...

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Florida Couple Demands Jury Trial in Traumatic Brain Injury Suit Against Universal Studios Orlando

universal globe and free signs

A Broward County, Florida, couple is suing Universal Orlando Resort, as they claim the wife suffered a traumatic brain injury after riding one of the resort’s popular roller coaster attractions. Related: Fan-Favorite Universal Orlando Attraction Causing Severe Reaction in Guests On February 28, Geriann and Richard Clem filed suit against Universal City Development Partners, Ltd., in Orange County court for ...

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Fan-Favorite Attraction at Universal Orlando Causing Severe Reactions in Guests

hogwarts castle, harry potter, universal islands of adventure

One of the most popular attractions at Universal Studios Orlando Resort is being blamed for creating severe reactions in guests who experience the attraction. Central Florida Theme Park Wars In 1990, Universal Studios Orlando opened its first theme park, and with the opening of the park, the Central Florida theme park wars officially began. For the first time since 1971, ...

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Pro-Trump Merchandise Proudly Displayed for Guests of Universal Theme Park

Universal Hollywood

Do theme parks and politics mix? Wearing political clothing at both Disney and Universal theme parks is generally frowned upon by the public at large. While visitors may express their political affiliations in various settings, theme parks are typically considered neutral grounds for entertainment and enjoyment, encouraging guests to set aside potentially divisive topics during their visit. Are the Parks ...

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Universal Announces Opening for New DreamWorks Theme Park Land

Universal DreamWorks

This is thrilling news! There is no doubt about it: Universal Orlando Resort is making wakes in the theme park industry. This incredible company has gone above and beyond to bring thrilling new theme park concepts to fans in the next couple of years. The first of those concepts to see fruition will be the DreamWorld Land. This land will ...

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Disney World Follows Universal Orlando, Restricts More Guests

minions afraid of mickey, minions ride failing, disney wins, universal misses the mark

Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, located in Orlando, Florida, are both popular in the theme park industry, offering guests immersive experiences filled with magic, thrills, and adventure. While Universal Orlando and Disney World have unique identities and attractions, it’s not uncommon for them to draw inspiration from one another, leading to instances of what some may perceive ...

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Universal Orlando Changes Iconic Attraction, Overnight Cuts

velocicoaster at universal studios islands of adventure

Universal Orlando Resort offers many attractions designed to thrill and entertain guests worldwide. However, like any theme park, attractions are subject to occasional breakdowns and technical difficulties. When Universal Orlando first introduced the King Kong attraction, it was hailed as a groundbreaking achievement in theme park entertainment. Combining state-of-the-art 3D technology with intricate set designs and stunning special effects, the ...

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