Toy Story Land is Opening Soon! Here are 10 Things We Hope to Experience


3. We’ve got to see if eBay or Amazon sells school-bus-sized backpacks.

This experience will most likely remain one of those fantastical dreams we Toy Story fans have. Though we have yet to see them for ourselves, we are told that inside Toy Story Land, we will see larger-than-life likenesses of Woody and Buzz. And they’re so big, you’d need a backpack the size of a school bus if you wanted to carry the two toys around with you! (Photo credit: Disney)

2. We’re going to take lots of photos while standing in Andy’s footprint.

It makes sense that we’re going to see a footprint or two in Toy Story Land—the setting for the new land is Andy’s backyard, and Andy’s quite a bit bigger than his beloved toys. In fact, the footprint Andy has left in his backyard inside Toy Story Land is the size of a footprint you’d leave if you wore size 240 shoes and traipsed through the backyard when the ground was muddy. Won’t that make for a fun photo op! We aren’t sure yet whether we will see the footprint from afar, or if we will be able to stand in it. Diehard Toy Story fans are hoping for the latter.

1. We just can’t wait to take in every square foot of this Toy Story fans’ wonderland!

This is the part I’m most looking forward to. I can’t wait to walk around Toy Story Land, soaking up every detail Imagineers have no doubt included in their most recent undertaking. Imagineers do not cut corners on anything they do, and we can bet this fascinating land will be more proof of that. How many building blocks will we see? How many Christmas lights are strung around the land? How realistic is that vintage Woody lunch box? After such a long wait for Toy Story Land, fans will want to take in every part of the new land—thoroughly and slowly. We can’t wait!

Walt Disney World’s official website has debuted a countdown to the opening of Toy Story Land. Head to and search “Toy Story Land” to see just how many days, hours, minutes and seconds remain until we can finally walk into the new Toy Story wonderland!


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