Toy Story Land is Opening Soon! Here are 10 Things We Hope to Experience


7. We can’t wait to see what it’s like to be an “honorary toy!”

You know that Walt Disney World is the proverbial mecca for fantasy, imagination and make-believe. Walt Disney Imagineers took that idea of make-believe and ran with it! The entire premise of the new Toy Story Land is that you and I have been shrunk to toy size, and we get to see everything in Andy’s backyard from a toy’s perspective. We’re even referred to as “honorary toys.” What a dream come true for Toy Story fans—we get to be the size of the famous toys we love from the movies! Think of it as an immersive trip all around Andy’s backyard! No worries—it doesn’t look like Sid has a part in Toy Story Land. And for that, we are grateful!

6. We’re already thinking about what flavor soda float we want at Woody’s Lunch Box.

There’s even a new quick-service eatery inside Toy Story Land! Andy has taken his vintage Sheriff Woody lunch box, turned it on its side, propped it open with a thermos, and now toys all over Toy Story Land can stop by the window-service Woody’s Lunch Box and order different American entrees. They will also serve ice cream soda floats. What’s more carefree and fun than being in a land full of toys and enjoying ice cream floats like we’re kids again?


5. You can never meet Woody and Buzz too many times.

Of all the character encounters I’ve enjoyed at Disney World over the years—including those at character dining experiences—no encounter trumps meeting Woody and Buzz together at Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios. The encounter is currently an attraction at Hollywood Studios, and the line to meet these superstar toys is often out the door. Once you’re inside the door, you’ll still have a 30-minute wait, but it’s worth it! Along the way to meet Woody and Buzz, you can have fun with your family, snapping pics and posing for whimsical photos with photo-booth-type props and settings. In one setting, you can be photographed under “The Claw,” and in other setting, you can be the toy in the box in which the Prospector is usually packaged. Meeting Woody and Buzz has always been fun—they pose for selfies and PhotoPass photos with you. Kick it up a notch and wear your Toy Story garb or carry your Toy Story backpack, and the dynamic toy duo go crazy! The fun will continue at Toy Story Land as Guests will still be able to meet the Sheriff and his inter-galactic pal. Yes, we’ve met them before, but there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to all things Toy Story!

4. Finally, we’ll have a fixed place to meet Jessie!

Once upon a time, we could meet the yodeling cowgirl in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom. But lately it seems she’s a rare commodity. You can catch her from a distance at the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party at Magic Kingdom, but there’s not a fixed schedule for Jessie to meet Guests. Perhaps that’s because she’s been practicing meeting Guests since she’ll finally have regular meet-and-greets with Guests when Toy Story Land finally opens its gates.

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