Top 5 Walt Disney World Treats You Must Try

1. The Dole Whip

You could probably predict this number one choice. The Dole Whip is the quintessential Walt Disney World treat that you read about everywhere on the internet. And Disney has heard the cry of pineapple loving guests by putting the Dole Whip in multiple locations with some “enhancements” in the non-Magic Kingdom spots. The traditional place to get your Dole Whip, however, is in Adventureland from the Aloha Isle. The Dole Whip, which by the way is Pineapple soft serve, can be enjoyed as the plain soft serve or as a float. Added bonus is that it is a cool treat to cool you off on a hot Florida day.

It is tough to narrow down Disney treats to just 5, and I highly recommend indulging in more than 5 on your vacation. These are my “must try” choices—what are yours?

By Sarah Chapman