Top 20 Tips of All Time For Walt Disney World Rookies

15. Have A Tentative Schedule -- One of the easiest ways to avoid stressing on a Walt Disney World vacation can be accomplished by doing some simple planning before leaving home. With so many places to explore on each day of a Disney vacation, guests can lose a ton of time each morning trying to figure out where they want to head for the day and how to get there. By spending some time at home planning out a tentative schedule, guests can know ahead of time where they are going to visit on each day and easily head out in the mornings without wasting time coming up with a plan. By planning ahead, guests can also book important things like FastPasses and Advanced Dining Reservations, insuring that they will be able to see and enjoy as much as possible each day. While having a schedule ahead of time is a great idea, guests should also make sure that it is tentative. If they feel like sleeping in one day or skipping out on a heavy meal if they are not too hungry, the schedule should always be flexible. Some structure is definitely helpful, but no guest wants to feel locked into plans they can’t edit while enjoying a vacation.