Top 20 Tips of All Time For Walt Disney World Rookies

19. Send Packages Back -- Shopping in Walt Disney World is a major thing as the parks, Disney Resorts, and Disney Springs are full of locations to browse. Guests who take the time to shop can purchase virtually anything including sunscreen, magnets, clothing, memorabilia, artwork, housewares, and snacks. With so many options to choose from, guests might be surprised how quickly their purchases add up. Luckily, all guests are welcome to use a special service that Disney offers that makes dealing with packages much easier. Guests who buy something in the Disney Parks have the option of sending their goodies to the front of the park where they can pick them up when heading home instead of having to carry them around the whole day. Even more, guests who are staying on property in a Disney Resort and purchase something in Disney Springs or in the Disney Parks can opt to send their packages right back to the resort! There they can visit a designated location to pick up their packages typically the next day. This service is one guests might not know about, but one that definitely makes like easier!