Top 20 Tips of All Time For Walt Disney World Rookies

7. Know What Things Are -- There’s nothing worse on a Walt Disney World vacation than waiting for a long period of time on a line only to discover that the attraction is too thrilling or not what a guest had in mind. Imagine not enjoying thrilling attractions and waiting on line for close to two hours to ride the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. Or imagine only wanting to enjoy thrilling attractions and waiting hours to enjoy Peter Pan’s Flight. Guests know what types of attractions that they want to enjoy or avoid, and no one likes a surprise once it’s too late. An easy way to avoid an unwanted surprise like this is by doing some research before leaving home and checking out all of the different attractions offered in each of the four Disney Parks. By having an idea what each attraction entails, guests can decide whether each one is a must do or not. This will ensure that guests make it a priority to enjoy the attractions that they know they will love and not experience any unwanted surprises!