Top 20 Tips of All Time For Walt Disney World Rookies

8. Know How to Get Around -- No guest likes to waste time while enjoying a Walt Disney World vacation since there are so many things to see and do. One of the best ways to ensure that guests get the most of every minute of their vacation only takes a little bit of planning ahead before leaving home. Before guests embark on their Disney vacations, they should do some research and learn about the general layouts of their Disney Resort and the theme parks. By having a general idea of where things are located, they will be able to get around much more easily than if they had to continue to stop and ask for directions or consult a park map. Guests should be sure to know where important locations at their Disney Resort are including the front desk, concierge, pool, recreation, bus stop, and laundry services are. In the Disney Parks, guests should be aware of where different attractions and restaurants that they are interested in are located. In addition to knowing how to get around at the Disney Resorts and in the Disney Parks, guests should also do some research to know how to get around on the complimentary Disney transportation. Whether itโ€™s a bus, boat, or monorail, knowing how to get around Walt Disney World will save tons of time once the vacation has started!