Top 15 Awesome Treats You Must Try at Walt Disney World


8) Popcorn

There are many different ways to enjoy popcorn at Walt Disney World. You can purchase it in your normal cardboard container, but there are other options. Souvenir buckets are a lot more fun, and you'll have a cute keepsake when you get back home. The popcorn that you buy in the carts at the parks is vegan, making it a snack that more people can enjoy. Sometimes Disney also offers deals on the popcorn from the parks, where you can buy refills for the length of your stay. For a sweet popcorn treat stop by the cart in Frontierland, which sometimes sells maple popcorn. It's as good as it sounds. Popcorn at Walt Disney World doesn't stop at the in-park carts. Many stores sell bags of flavored popcorn. Flavors include cheddar, caramel, truffle, and butter toffee almond.