Top 14 Lies About Walt Disney World

10) Characters Are Boring When you think about characters with your mind, the whole thing doesn't really make a lot of sense. Logically, you might know that characters are just people in costumes, and that makes them nothing all that special. Disney is all about magic, and that's why you need to see characters through your heart instead of with your mind. All it takes is the look on a child's face when he or she is able to hug Mickey for the first time in order to know that the characters are real. You can talk with the face characters, who will gladly bring you into his or her world for a few moments. Even the characters that don't talk have a lot of personality. Chip 'n' Dale are mischievous, Eeorye is on the shy side, and Goofy wants to play! While at Walt Disney World take a minute or two to watch the characters interact with the guests. If you still don't believe, just skip the characters. There are plenty of other things to do.