Top 14 Lies About Walt Disney World

11) There's Only "Theme Park" Food There are some food items that you will find at most theme parks. These include cold pizza, burnt hamburgers, and greasy chicken nuggets. That is not what the food is like at Walt Disney World. While you'll find incredible pizza, burgers, and chicken dishes, there are other choices as well. You can dine on specialties from around the world, enjoy signature restaurants, and munch on delicious baked goods. There are unique choices in each park, and if you head outside of the parks you'll find even more to savor. The food is so good that dining could become your favorite part of your vacation. If you still aren't sure that you will find delicious food, make reservations at some of the signature restaurants. You will find at least one in each theme park, and also at Disney Springs and at the Deluxe hotels. For possibly the best meal of your life, try to get a reservation at Victoria & Albert's. The restaurant has won numerous awards, including the AAA Five Diamond Award, a recognition that it has earned yearly since 2000. After a meal at Victoria & Albert's you'll rethink what "theme park" food should be all about.