Top 14 Lies About Walt Disney World

4) There Are No Thrill Rides There is almost an element of truth to this statement. The largest thrills in the Orlando area are not found at Walt Disney World. But that does not mean that there aren't thrills to be found. What isn't thrilling about dropping 13 stories over and over again, or going from zero to 60 before you have a chance to take a breath? Don't forget the thrill of Summit Plummet! There are also some smaller thrills that have lower height requirements, so your kids might be able to enjoy them as well. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train might not be on the same thrill ride level as Expedition Everest, but that means that more members of your family will be able to enjoy it together. Test Track is a great thrill ride for people who don't like drops, and Avatar Flight of Passage offers a thrill that you won't find at any other theme park in the world. There are thrill rides at Walt Disney World. What makes them even more special is that they all have themes. You won't only drop or go fast on a Walt Disney World thrill ride, you will become part of the story.