Top 13 Things You Absolutely Cannot Take Into a Disney Park

8) Large Luggage

You are allowed to bring suitcases and coolers into the Disney Parks with you, even if they have wheels. However, there is a size regulation. They cannot be larger than 24 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 18 inches high. You cannot bring in backpacks that are larger than that either. If you have a large cooler that you need for medical reasons, stop by Guest Relations as soon as you arrive. While you want to be prepared for a long day of theme park fun, it is possible to be too prepared. Bringing a change of socks and a poncho for everyone in the family makes sense. Bringing two changes of clothes, a coat, and full raincoats for everyone can be a bit excessive. Throwing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into your bag for a quick lunch is fine. Filling a cooler with a turkey dinner with all the fixings is a bit much. Remember that you are responsible for whatever you bring with you. A large suitcase and a huge cooler are not items that you want to drag around with you all day.