Top 13 Things You Absolutely Cannot Take Into a Disney Park

11) Trailers

Speaking of scooters, don't think of adding a trailer if you use one. The same is true for strollers and wheelchairs. You are not allowed to bring in an item that will be pulled or pushed by any of these vehicles. Trailers can pose a safety risk. It can be hard enough to navigate a scooter or a stroller across a park on a busy day, adding a trailer on the back will make things more difficult for all guests. It may sound like it would be convenient to throw several backpacks and a cooler into a trailer, but you won't get through the front gate with it. If you're thinking about bringing a trailer, think again. In the middle of July when you are trying to make your way across the Magic Kingdom and it is wall to wall people, you will see why they have this rule.