Top 13 Things You Absolutely Cannot Take Into a Disney Park

5) Glass Containers

You are allowed to bring snacks and drinks with you into the Disney Parks. However, make sure that they are not in glass containers. There are two exceptions to the glass containers rule. First, you are allowed to bring in glass jars of baby food. Second, glass bottles of perfume are also allowed. No other glass containers will make it past security. Disney is doing you a favor with this one. Glass containers are heavy, do you really want to carry that extra weight in your bag all day? The other problem with glass is that it can break. You don't want to reach inside your bag to pull out a bottle of soda, only to cut your hand because the glass broke. If the glass breaks on the ground, another guest might step on it. Your glass bottle could end up ruining someone else's vacation. Glass bottles can also be used as weapons. Disney wants everyone to be safe.