Top 13 Secret Finds at Walt Disney World

13. Secret Codes

Walt Disney World is a happy place, but sometimes some not so pleasant things will happen. Below are some of the codes you may hear a Cast Member use:

A Cast Member will use the term “Signal 70” when reporting a lost child. The cryptic term prevents parents and other listeners from inciting panic and communicates the situation quickly to other cast members to speed up the search.

The mentioning of “Code V” or “Signal V” is definitely NOT a Cast Members favorite code. With all the different foods, drinks, desserts, mixed with twists and turns of rides, and add a touch of heat, park guests are likely to spot someone losing their lunch. A Vomit alert (or protein spill) calls some lucky Cast Member to clean up ASAP.

"White Powder Alert" means that someone has scattered cremated remains on a ride or in an area. It does happen, and no, the loved one will not have a proper send off. The ride will be shut down and the remains vacuumed and thrown out.