Top 12 Ways To Escape The Crowds At Walt Disney World

5) Journey Into Imagination with Figment – Also located in Epcot’s Future World is a pavilion that is entirely dedicated to a topic that cannot actually be seen. The Imagination Pavilion is housed in a massive glass pyramid that perfectly captures the whimsy and power of imagination. Located inside the pavilion is the underrated attraction Journey Into Imagination with Figment which is hosted by the Imagination Institute itself. Dr. Nigel Channing in the director of the Imagination Institute and the attraction begins as a tour of the location’s sensory laboratories. Guests are quickly introduced to Figment, a loveable purple dragon who embodies the spirit of imagination, and he causes all sorts of good-natured mayhem along the way. Soon enough, Dr. Channing decides to cancel the tour and Figment takes over quickly showing him and guests that imagination works best when it is set free. With memorable moments and the ever-catchy song “One Little Spark,” guests love enjoying a ride on Journey Into Imagination with Figment. (Photo credit: Disney)