Top 12 Walt Disney World Freebies

8. Water -- Being located in Central Florida, Walt Disney World can see some pretty extreme weather. From very intense hurricanes to very intense heat, guests should be prepared for any type of weather. On an average day in Walt Disney World, temperatures and humidity are sure to be fairly high, especially in the sweltering summer months. The high heat combined with lots and lots of walking can leave guests feeling pretty drained and dehydrated. Some guests prefer to bring their own water bottles to the parks and continue to refill them, but this requires them to consistently carry their water bottles. A great alternative to consider is that every restaurant in Walt Disney World will give guests a free cup for ice water. This is a great option to keep in mind instead of carrying around and refilling or buying lots of water bottles which can add up very quickly. By simply being aware of staying hydrated, guests should plan on stopping pretty frequently in restaurants to request a cup of water to ensure that they stay cool and energized on their vacations.