Top 12 Walt Disney World Freebies

1. Hotel Soaps -- The Disney Resorts are separated into three tiers based upon their prices. The three tiers consist of Deluxe Resorts which are the most expensive, Value Resorts which offer the best deals, and Moderate Resorts which fall somewhere in the middle. Based upon the tier of the Disney Resort, guests who stay in a room there are treated to complimentary Disney soaps in their room each day! There are three different kinds of the soap products depending on the level of Disney Resort, but each guest receives a shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facial soap, and moisturizer. While these complimentary soaps are travel sized, guests love to collect as many as possible and bring them home with them! Not only are they wonderful products, but they allow guests the opportunity to bring a little free Disney magic into their homes once returning from vacation. While full size options of the soap products are sold in retail locations at each Disney Resort, guests love to collect the free ones to save themselves some cash on a Walt Disney World vacation! (Photo credit: Disney Tourist Blog)
By Caitlin Kane