Top 12 Walt Disney World Freebies

2. Park Maps -- One of the best free things that guests can acquire when visiting Walt Disney World are park maps. Park maps can be found everywhere from each Disney Resort’s front desk to the front of every theme park. Park maps are offered in a wide array of languages to ensure that every guest can understand them, and they are frequently changed to reflect the newest and most exciting thing featured in each specific location. Since park maps are free, guests love to collect them on each trip and bring them home. Ove the years, guests can look back on park maps and see how things in Walt Disney World have changed as well as check out unique photography on the cover of each map. Many guests also love to bring plenty of par maps home to use them for crafting or creating their own unique memories. Park maps can be used to scrapbook, create collages, and even to turn into interesting things like coasters, mugs, and more! Guests who are crafty or who simply love to look back on how Walt Disney World has evolved over the years absolutely love to collect free park maps on each Disney vacation!