Top 12 Walt Disney World Attractions For Teens

Splash Mountain

9. Splash Mountain – Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom is home to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as well as a second thrilling attraction that is housed inside its very own mountain. Splash Mountain brings guests on a soaking journey with Br’er Rabbit who leaves his home in search of more adventure. Along the way he is constantly evading capture by Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear until finally they get the best of him. Guests can enjoy happy scenes and several small drops before the thrilling finale where Br’er Fox flings them and Br’er Rabbit down five stories into the Briar Patch below! The final drop of Splash Mountain is sure to leave guests soaked and it also offers up some amazing views of the Magic Kingdom before the plummet. Teens should definitely plan on enjoying a ride on Splash Mountain for the big thrills and soaking moments which are especially amazing on hot days in the Magic Kingdom.