Top 12 Walt Disney World Attractions For Teens

4. Dinosaur – Also found in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Dinoland which was turned into the headquarters of the Dino Institute after fossils were found nearby. Guests who travel into the Dino Institute can enjoy a thrilling experience that brings them back to prehistoric times. Dinosaur invites guests into the headquarters where scientists have perfected time travel, allowing guests to embark on a serene tour of a prehistoric era. Guests soon find out that they are in fact on a secret mission to a time perilously close to the massive asteroid impact in order to bring one particular dinosaur back to present day. Guests soon find themselves on an adventure that is thrilling in every sense of the word as they travel through dark jungles, encounter hungry dinosaurs, and come face to face with an asteroid. Dinosaur is one of the most psychologically thrilling attractions in Walt Disney World and teens will love feeling as though they have traveled through time to come face to face with some fierce dinosaurs.