Top 12 Walt Disney World Attractions For Adults

5. Expedition Everest – The Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is also home to a second thrilling attraction that adults guests love to experience. Expedition Everest has guests board steam trains and set off for what begins as a serene journey around the foothills of the mountains. As guests ascend a massive lift hill, they begin taking a shortcut to Everest’s base camp which brings them directly through the Forbidden Mountain. The journey soon takes a turn as guests are faced with a torn up piece of track and find themselves plunging backwards into the darkness of the mountain. After many thrilling turns and drops, guests find themselves face to face with the fabled protector of the mountain. The Yeti is absolutely massive and seems to reach down to try and swoop guests right out of their seats. Expedition Everest is a thrilling and wonderful attraction that adults love to enjoy in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.