Top 12 Walt Disney World Attractions For Adults

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

12. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom is home to a duo of thrilling attractions that both have height requirements for safety reasons. The first is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which has guests board a runaway mine train for the wildest ride in the wilderness. The runaway trains begin by plunging through dark caves filled with bats and glowing red eyes before emerging in the mining town of Tumbleweed. Guests then proceed to whip all around the mountain taking sharp turns, dips, and twists along the way. Those who are quick enough to catch small details will notice the town’s saloon, plenty of native animals, and rocks ready to collapse in some of the mining caverns. While Big Thunder Mountain Railroad might be suitable for some older children, it definitely carries high speed thrills and some scary moments that are better suited for adults. Those adults looking for an even more thrilling experience on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad should ride at night when the fireworks are going off!