Top 12 Walt Disney World Attractions For Adults

4. Dinosaur – Also found in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is an attraction that features very big thrills thanks to disorienting settings and very hungry dinosaurs. Dinosaur in Dinoland invites guests into the Dino Institute where scientists have perfected time travel. Guests are supposed to enjoy a calm tour to a quiet prehistoric moment, but soon find themselves on a top secret mission right before the massive asteroid impacted with Earth. Once back in prehistoric times, guests enter into a series of scenes that are for the most part very dark. As they move through the forest, they encounter massive dinosaurs who look at them as meals, strange sounds and sights, and increasing meteor showers. Soon guests find that they are too close to the large impact and find themselves scrambling to travel back to present day in a thrilling and disorienting adventure. Adults love to enjoy a ride on Dinosaur as it is a totally unique experience that offers up close encounters with some intense dinosaurs.