Top 12 Things You Should Skip On A Short Trip To Walt Disney World

11) Country Bear Jamboree – Another live show in the Magic Kingdom can be found in Frontierland right next door to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café. Country Bear Jamboree brings guests into a rustic hall where the floors are scuffed from spurs and bear claws and paintings of the performers line the walls. Once seated inside the theater, guests are quickly introduced to the emcee Henry who explains that a cast of bears is waiting to perform and serenade. Each audio-animatronic bear features their own unique personality and the numbers are catchy and hilarious which ensures that guests will quickly find themselves clapping along. Notable acts include Big Al and Liverlips McGraw and guests are sure to be wowed by the final number where all of the bears appear onstage to perform together. While Country Bear Jamboree is a great show, time on a short trip is better spent enjoying nearby Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Splash Mountain. (Photo credit: Disney)