Top 12 Things You Should Skip On A Short Trip To Walt Disney World

1) Maharajah Jungle Trek – Part of what makes Disney’s Animal Kingdom so special is the attention to detail combined with the beauty of nature. The Asia section of the park is home to a self-guided walking trail that allows guests to explore nature at their own pace. The Maharajah Jungle Trek can be found in near the exit of Kali River Rapids and brings guests into the Anandapur Royal Forest where they can wander through lush pathways and temple ruins to find themselves up close with amazing animals such as a komodo dragon, water buffalo, over fifty species of birds, and Asian tigers. While the Maharajah Jungle Trek should not be missed, it is best enjoyed when guests can take their time and enjoy all of the amazing details and animals along the way. Those who are enjoying a short trip to Walt Disney World simply don’t have the time to enjoy this walking trail the way it was intended, so it is best saved for anther lengthier trip! (Photo credit: Disney)

By Caitlin Kane