Top 12 Themed Walt Disney World Restaurants

12. Restaurantosaurus – Dinoland in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a fun and quirky area brought to life through prehistoric facts and entertaining experiences. After fossils were discovered in the area, the Dino Institute quickly moved in and set up headquarters, dig sites, and more. While the Dino Institute is the forma location of their labs, many of the students decided to create their own hangout and living space that now functions as a quick service dining location. Restaurantosaurus features tons of quirky details and jokes left behind by the paleontologist students and guests can opt to dine in several different rooms including ones that resemble dorms and equipment storage while listening to a hilarious soundtrack that ties in seamlessly with dinosaurs. Restaurantosaurs is open daily for lunch and dinner and guests who enjoy a meal there can order up menu options such as the Bacon Cheeseburger Combo, Mixed Green Salad with Roasted Chicken, All-Beef Hot Dogosaurus, and Grilled Chicken BLT Sandwich. One of the best perks of Restaurantosaurs in addition to the wonderful theme is the free toppings bar which guests can use to enhance their meals! (Photo credit: Disney)