The Top 12 Standards to Be a Walt Disney World Princess

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8. She must know the princess’s persona and never stray from it.

Part of being a princess at Walt Disney World is meeting with fans of that princess from all over the world. The princess-in-training must be able to stay in character at all times, no matter what she is asked. For example, Aurora would only know about her “world,” and she’d never know what an iPhone or iPad is. If she is asked about the three Good Fairies, she will need to be able to practice her improv skills and give the Guest an answer about the Fairies that is in keeping with her movie and the characters within it.

7. She must have stellar improv skills.

Because the princess-in-training will be around many children—some aspiring princesses themselves—she must be able to improvise no matter what is thrown at her. She may be asked some silly questions or some crazy off-the-wall questions, and she may have things said to her that are either untimely, inappropriate or just plain rude. So that she stays in character and doesn’t ruin the Magic, she must be able to keep her calm and go with the flow, all while remembering not to stray from her persona as princess.

6. She must exhibit patience.

This is especially important because her audience will be children, as well as adults who are hot and tired and who have been waiting in lines. The princess-in-training must be patient in all situations, even situations in which Guests are rude or when children are pulling her hair or experiencing a temper tantrum. And she must remain in character no matter what the situation is.

5. She must not have any visible tattoos.

None of the Disney princesses have tattoos, so if the princess-in-training has one or more tattoos, they must not be visible once she is fully dressed in the costume for the princess she is portraying.

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