Top 12 Photo Spots In Walt Disney World

6. Fountain of Nations – Epcot is a favorite park of many guests thanks to its incredible diversity in themes throughout the park. Future World is home to areas and experiences that celebrate both nature and technology, and one area in particular offers up a beautiful and kinetic background that makes for wonderful photos. In the large plaza located behind Spaceship Earth, guests can spot a truly massive fountain. The Fountain of Nations holds water from dozens of nations across the world and also features a beautiful show several times an hour. The fountain comes to life with beautiful music and synchronized dancing water that is projected using cannons. While many guests simply walk right by the Fountain of Nations, the show itself is so beautiful that all guests should opt to pause and enjoy it. Those who are looking to capture the perfect photo from their Walt Disney World vacation should definitely enjoy the show and pose with the dancing waters in the background. (Photo credit:Disney )