Top 12 Photo Spots In Walt Disney World

7. Echo Lake – Across Disney’s Hollywood Studios is another beautiful area that offers up some great opportunities for guests to take memorable and wonderful photos. Echo Lake is home to the thrilling Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! as well as a small lake surrounded by some quirky and unique backdrops. Guests who spend time in the area can pose with the massive green dinosaur Gertie in the background. Gertie is a tribute to the vaudeville age of Hollywood and is a fun addition to any photo. Guests who opt to capture all of Echo Lake in their photos can also include the cargo ship that houses Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner. The ship is full of great details that will have others guessing where the photo was taken, and guests who are looking to capture a unique and wonderful photo definitely need to check out Echo Lake! (Photo credit: Disney)