Top 12 Photo Spots In Walt Disney World

12. Pandora – The World of Avatar – One of the newest areas in Disney’s Animal Kingdom brings the mythical world from a hit film to life. Pandora – The World of Avatar transports guests light years away to the beautiful and otherworldly planet of Pandora. The Na’vi’s home is breathtakingly beautiful as it features lush vegetation that could not survive on Earth, massive floating mountains, and lots of woven details and artifacts created by the locals. In addition to the beauty of the natural side of Pandora – The World of Avatar, the area also features an industrial presence that remains from when humans tried to mine the area for its resources. Once night sets, Pandora – The World of Avatar comes to life with bioluminescent glowing that is an absolutely beautiful sight. Guests who are looking to take the perfect photo have plenty of opportunities in this location, including a great magic shot taken by a PhotoPass Cast Member that shows a banshee flying over guests heads!