Top 12 Must-Have Souvenirs at Walt Disney World

8) Jim Shore figurines -- Another partnership at Disney World from which Guests can benefit when it comes to great souvenirs is the one between Disney and American and European folk artist Jim Shore. Shore has an entire expansive line of figurines inspired by Disney stories, princesses and other characters. His meticulous attention to detail in his work has made him an award-winning artist, and you can see this amazing detail in his Disney figurines as well. Jim Shore’s Disney figurines are my personal favorite souvenir from the parks—Peter Pan in a galleon ride vehicle from “Peter Pan’s Flight,” the Seven Dwarfs walking atop a log bridge during the “Heigh-Ho” scene, Jaq and Gus, the mice from Cinderella, in Lady Tremaine’s teacup, a Christmas-themed Jiminy Cricket standing beside a candlestick holder that flickers—the list goes on. And Jim Shore’s Disney-inspired collection is always growing. Find his figurines on Main Street at Magic Kingdom and at The Art of Disney at Disney Springs.