Top 12 Must-Have Souvenirs at Walt Disney World

6) Official Disney trading pins -- If you like to collect things, you’ll be an instant fan of official Disney trading pins. There are thousands and thousands of trading pins out there. You can purchase them at any shop in the parks, at Disney Springs and at some free-standing shops outside on the thoroughfares in the parks. Prices can range from $7.00 each to $20.00 each and more, depending on the size and detail of the pins. Many pins can be purchased in series or sets. Sets can range in price from around $25.00 to $80.00 and more. The most fun thing about the pins is trading them with Cast Members in the parks. No matter what pins you have, if you come in contact with a Cast Member who has a pin you like, you can trade your pin for one of theirs. You can do this multiple times with one Cast Member, and you can trade with any Cast Member in the parks. The best part of trading is that unless the Cast Member has an identical pin to the one you want to trade, they will always agree to the trade. You can even trade with other Guests in the parks.