Top 12 FastPasses You Must Get At Walt Disney World

6. Space Mountain – Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom is also home to a wonderful attraction that blasts guests off into the inky darkness of space. Space Mountain brings guests into Starport 75, an intergalactic space port that offers transportation to all corners of the galaxy. As guests move further and further into the travel hub, they can play an interactive game blasting asteroids before approaching the loading platform. The queue then splits into two either the Alpha or Omega track which are essentially identical experiences. Guests can then blast off on a high speed thrilling adventure through the pitch darkness of space. With twists, turns, and drops paired with exciting music and shooting stars above, Space Mountain is a thrilling experience which guests absolutely love to enjoy while spending time in the Magic Kingdom. Since the attraction is so popular, guests who are looking to enjoy the experience without spending hours waiting in line are smart to book a FastPass in advance.