Top 12 FastPasses You Must Get At Walt Disney World

1. Avatar Flight of Passage – The newest area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is designed to bring guests to another planet complete with otherworldly plants and living creatures and gravity defying floating mountains. Pandora – The World of Avatar brings guests into the Valley of Mo’ara where the insanely popular Avatar Flight of Passage can be found. This thrilling attraction has guests genetically link to an Avatar in order to experience life as a Na’vi and partake in the rite of passage of flying on the back of a banshee. Guests board individual ride vehicles that look like motorcycles and set off for n unforgettable journey through some of the most beautiful and adventurous parts of Pandora. Combining amazing technology, beautiful scenery, and a plot full of adventure and thrills, Avatar Flight of Passage can have wait times exceeding several hours every day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Guests who want to enjoy the experience simply must book a FastPass to avoid spending hours on end waiting in the standby line. (Photo credit: Disney)
By Caitlin Kane